Language Lens

A blog about life, discovery and culture through the lens of language and linguistics.

About Meghan

I find that language is something that interests just about everyone, and no I don’t mean grammar!  I mean insights about why we say the things we do and how culture influences our words…and vice versa.

Originally from Elizabeth, Colorado  in the US of A, I have the privilege of living abroad and discovering new insights about life, language and culture everyday.  After living in Buenos Aires and Barcelona, Spain for many years, I’m now located in Brussels, Belgium. I have worked as a language teacher for many years and earned my masters in Linguistics in 2012.  This blog is a testament to continued learning and living.

Thank you for reading!

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2 thoughts on “About Meghan

  1. Raelke on said:

    Hi! I’ve nominated your blog for The Liebster Award! Have a look at my post about the award for more information:

  2. Thanks again for this award! I was so touched. I will follow-up on it very soon with my own nominations. Thanks again Raelke, keep blogging!

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