Language Lens

A blog about life, discovery and culture through the lens of language and linguistics.

About Meghan

I find that language is something that interests just about everyone, and no I don’t mean grammar!  I mean insights about why we say the things we do and how culture influences our words…and vice versa.

Originally from Elizabeth, Colorado  in the US of A (which few of you will know), I have the privilege of living abroad and discovering new insights about life, language and culture everyday.  After living in Buenos Aires many years, I’m now located in Barcelona, Spain. I have worked as a language teacher for many years and earned my masters in Linguistics in 2012.  This blog is a testament to continued learning and living…I hope you agree!

Thank you for reading!

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2 thoughts on “About Meghan

  1. Raelke on said:

    Hi! I’ve nominated your blog for The Liebster Award! Have a look at my post about the award for more information:

  2. Thanks again for this award! I was so touched. I will follow-up on it very soon with my own nominations. Thanks again Raelke, keep blogging!

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